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by Monique Rubens Krohn
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 20, 2014

"Borgman," a creepy suspense-packed thriller written and directed by Dutchman Alex van Warmerdam, opens with shots of three men, including a priest, readying their weapons in preparation for a hunt. They are after Borgman and his friends, hidden in underground holes in a forest. Borgman, ably acted by Jan Bijvoet, and his buddies manage to escape the posse, and ultimately end up at the home of a wealthy family, from where they embark on various killing sprees.

The plot becomes further complicated when the wife/mother of the family (Hadewych Minis) inexplicably falls for Borgman. Ditto for her kids, who are seemingly mesmerized by Borgman's storytelling skills.

A dark psychological thriller that ultimately fails to answer any any of the questions it raises.

While the scenery and photography are beautiful and the suspense will have viewers on the edge of their seats, this dark psychological thriller ultimately fails to answer any of the questions it raises. Does the presence of the priest suggest that Borgman and his evil cronies are the embodiments of Satan? If not, do they have a cause, which the film hints at, or they simply psychopaths?

Alas, these questions are never answered. Even the murders eventually become boring, leaving this reviewer content for the thrills, but frustrated and annoyed by the lack of any resolution. Bottom line: Your parents were right. Don't open your doors to strangers.

Monique Rubens Krohn is a freelance writer living in New Jersey


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