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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jun 10, 2014
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Author Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan as a pop-culture mainstay was introduced in the best selling espionage book series and has been brought to life on film by "Indiana Jones" star Harrison Ford and the new "Batman" Ben Affleck. Now the mantle has moved to fresh-faced cinematic leading man Chris Pine who is himself centrifugal to one other film franchise as the re-imaged Captain Kirk in the 21st Century take on "Star Trek." Now he's stepping into the heroic shoes of this franchise as "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"

Pine's Ryan finds himself embroiled in a very contemporary economic crisis - one that could lead to another "Great Depression." Clandestinely meeting informants in classic movie theaters in the middle of the afternoon that are also attractive to his very suspicious live-in girlfriend, played by Keira Knightley, it isn't long before Ryan's unique skills get him noticed. He can only keep his undercover meetings with a shady G-man, played by Kevin Costner, a secret for so long.

When Ryan uncovers a series of missing notes in a Russian account, it unravels a terrorist plot as deliberately strategic as the attack on 9/11. And as is expected, nothing is what it appears on the surface - and Jack may be in over his head.

In a turn that is (almost) lifted from the headlines, Ryan's freshly recruited CIA agent finds himself in the midst of a Russian attempt to collapse the US economy and in the crosshairs of a Russian criminal mastermind winning portrayed by Kenneth Branagh. Filled with twists and turns and cleverly layered with intrigue, this "Jack Ryan" is a magnificently charged action flick!

The Blu-ray is fully stocked with bonus features including deleted and extended scenes, a profile of the film's hero "Jack Ryan" and an inside look at Sir Kenneth Branagh as the film's main baddy. It's time you were recruited.

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"
is available on Blu-ray, DVD, Combo Packs for $39.99

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