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Hot Illusionist Defies Death, Gets Big Break on British Talent Show

Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Darcy Oake is quickly getting a reputation as being the world's hottest illusionist, but does he nearly have to die to do so?

The hot, tatted 26-year old Canadian (from Winnipeg) has been performing since he's been 18 from LA to NYC to London, where he appeared last Saturday night on Britain's Got Talent Finale. He hoped his death-defying act would place him first amongst the finalists and win him 250,000 British pounds. Earlier in the week he told the BBC he would use his winnings to help his family after the death of his brother from drugs in 2011.

His stunt, broadcast on live television, had him suspended in a bear trap (with 16 serrated blades) as he was constrained in a straight jacket. He had one minute to escape.

He did so, but with literally only seconds to spare. Oake later told CBC he doesn't plan to ever do that one again saying it's too dangerous.

Yet despite his daring, Oake did not win. He did, though, attract the attention of Creative Artists Agency, one of the world's most influential talent agencies, who approached him to be their client.

"The guy who is One Direction's agent is now my agent. He saw it and he was like, 'you're a rock star, we need you. We want you,'" Oake told CBC News on Tuesday.

When a video of his act was posted on YouTube on Monday, it was the most watched video of the day.

But don't expect his success to go to his head. When asked how his new-found fame will change him, Oake said: "This is just what I needed to propel my career forward but by no means am I above any gigs. Winnipeg is amazing and it was the best place for me to start because of all these little shows I did," he said.

"It will always be home."

Watch Oake's trick below:


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