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Night of the Demons

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
Night of the Demons

Forget about the insipid remake from 2009 of "Night of the Demons". This is the real deal and from Shout Factory comes perhaps their best Blu-ray yet. 1988 was the release year of this splatter-fest from the same people that brought us the cult classic "Witchboard."

When Angela makes plans to throw a Halloween party at a deserted funeral home, her partying friends show up with trepidation. It's no wonder: Hull House was the site of a mass murder years ago and the spirits inside are ready to possess anyone who enter. "Night of the Demons" features a mimicked "Exorcist" demon voice, and added to the already inane dialogue and acting, help make this a guilty 80's treasure.

Shout Factory presents the unrated version of "Night of the Demons," showing a little more graphic violence and gore but tame by today's standards. A slew of special features appear on the Blu-ray and the most involved of these is a 70-minute retrospective where almost everyone from the film shows up, including director Kevin Tenney and the actors (who also do multiple audio commentaries). Here you'll discover that the film's original title of "Halloween Party" had to be dropped due to a threatened lawsuit from original "Halloween" movie financier Moustapha Akkad.

Actress Mimi Kinkade, who played Angela, gets a separate interview and tells how she got hired after filmmakers saw her in a Stray Cats music video. TV spots, trailers, a promo reel, and a photo gallery are just some of the other segments to watch.

The Blu-ray's menu boasts almost 15 special features and along with the hysterical feature film, this is one bargain of a Blu-ray.

"Night of the Demons"
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

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