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by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

You can see early performances of award-winning actors in "Darkman," the newest Shout Factory release under its ever-expanding Scream Factory trademark. A phenomenal Blu-ray transfer and an overabundance of bonus features make this a Blu-ray to own, for fans and non-fans alike.

Liam Neeson plays the title character, also known as Peyton, a handsome scientist who supposedly gets burned to death by hit men after they discover incriminating evidence against them left by his girlfriend (a delightful Frances McDormand). Peyton was also working on creating synthetic skin in his laboratory and when he survives his attack, he becomes an unrecognizable burn victim with superpowers. He can use his skin experiment to take on any human form, but it only lasts 100 minutes.

Larry Drake plays the villain of Durant to perfection. "Darkman" also produced two inferior direct-to-video sequels

"Darkman" has director Sam Raimi's stamp written all over it, from the madcap violence to the goofy slapstick humor. "Evil Dead" staple Bruce Campbell even pops up for a small cameo.

But Raimi is sadly missing from all new special features on the Blu-ray... although he does appear in a vintage retrospective from 1990. Neeson, Drake, and McDormand all get their own brief interview segments, as do the actors who played Durant's hit men. A slew of other features include an audio commentary with director of photography Bill Pope, still galleries, trailers and TV spots.

If you order the "Darkman" Blu-ray directly from Scream Factory's website (www.ScreamFactorydvd.com), you'll receive the film's movie poster featuring newly designed artwork


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