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Bad Milo!

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Feb 9, 2014
Bad Milo!

Ass play has never been so hilarious in "Bad Milo!," a wink and a nod toward anxiety and stress that doubles as a horror movie with bite. The deadpan delivery from comic actor Ken Marino doesn't hurt either. And who hasn't wanted to unleash a demon from their butt once in a while?

Say, what? Yep, that's the brief scenario going on in "Bad Milo!," where Marino plays Duncan, a timid and repressed accountant bullied by his boss, ridiculed by his mother (Mary Kay Place) because she married a much younger man, and pressured into marrying his girlfriend (Gillian Jacobs).

When he can no longer take his ever-increasing stomach problems, Duncan discovers he has a polyp in his intestine and any time undue stress is triggered, out pops a demon from his arse! His therapist (a wacky Peter Stormare) tells Duncan he must bond with the demon, which he nicknames Milo.

"Bad Milo!" spoofs many landmark movies such as "Basket Case" and even "Gremlins," where the little Milo demon can be deadly but adorable at the same time. The movie is side-splittingly funny, and the Blu-ray's slew of special features aid in making this a Blu-ray to own.

Among the bonus features are extended outtakes and deleted scenes, one featuring an extension of the already hysterical dinner scene. The puppeteers behind Milo's movements are given their own short segment, and actor Marino sits down for a brief interview. He and director Jacob Vaughn also do an audio commentary where they're joined by actress Gillian Jacobs.

"Bad Milo!"

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