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The Summit

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 14, 2014
The Summit

The new documentary "The Summit" takes a look at the worst disaster that ever occurred at the K2 mountains. Twenty-two mountain climbers attempted to reach "the summit" of K2, but eleven of them never made it out alive. This horrific story outweighs any fictional horror tale any day.

IFC Films presents this cautionary true story featuring interviews with members of the climbing team who were there and family members, as well as detailed reenactments that look extremely real.

From the get-go, "The Summit" flashes across the screen this warning: one in four climbers who attempt to reach K2's summit plunge to their death in the proceedings. Part of what makes this documentary so mysterious is why people would bother such a treacherous expedition in the first place.

We're then brought to the day in August of 2008 and what supposedly happened to these daring individuals, including Irish thrill-seeker Ger McDonnell, around whom most of "The Summit" centers.

"The Summit" is billed as a mystery and watching the icy story can be quite frustrating at times. Time events jump all over the place, creating a dizzying and confusing end result; many questions are not answered. The good news is, the widescreen wintery cinematography is breathtaking and makes one want to visit the regions of K2.

But this sole reason isn't enough to recommend "The Summit" and with only the trailer included as a bonus feature, I'd pass on buying this DVD.

"The Summit"

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