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All is Lost

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 28, 2014
All is Lost

Robert Redford's nothing but stellar with his one-person performance in "All Is Lost", a man vs. nature tour-de-force that you won't be able to turn away from.

Billed only as "Our Man" in the credits, actor turned director Redford amazes as a man adrift out to sea for an 8-week excursion on his "Virginia Jean" boat. Suddenly he wakes one morning to find a cargo container has damaged his sea home, causing floods and other catastrophes.

Director J.C. Chandor (in only his second feature film) shows a flair for the dramatic and racks up the tension in a nail-biter of a film that isn't violent or gory. It will induce feelings of empathy as one watches Our Man fight for his life. Redford spouts just 2 lines of dialogue (and one exclamatory vulgar word) in a performance that should have been Academy Award-nominated. You'll see Redford's facial expressions alone and know what this talented actor is thinking and feeling.

Blu-ray visuals are stunning, especially in the ocean cinematography. In the Blu-ray's five bonus features, the viewer learns just enough of what you need to know about how the film came together.

The bonus material, at about an hour's running time, doesn't overstay its welcome and includes:

"Preparing for the Storm"
"Big Film, Small Film" - discussing the low-budget film with a big-budget feel
3 Vignettes: "The Story", "The Filmmaker", "The Actor"
"The Sound of All Is Lost"
Director J.C. Chandor audio commentary

"All Is Lost"

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