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Ms. 45

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Mar 27, 2014
Ms. 45

"Ms. 45" titillates, frustrates, excites, and wows in its premiere Blu-ray presentation. The long-lost female revenge film, re-released to theaters recently, is shown here in its uncut form (originally rated "X" back in 1981) and includes a plethora of bonus features too.

Late actress/model/screenwriter Zoe Lund makes her film debut and stars as the title character (referring to her use of a .45 pistol) playing a mute seamstress named Thana. She works and lives in the city of New York, not much background gets revealed about her life, and suddenly Thana is brutally attacked and raped twice in one day.

Taking its cues from both the Charles Bronson revenge flick "Death Wish" and the rape/revenge shocker "I Spit on Your Grave," "Ms.45" suddenly has Zoe Lund blowing away the men who've scorned her, any male who makes a pass at her, and those random NYC scum-bag males in the throes of devious deeds.

Director Abel Ferrara artfully films "Ms. 45" with a cool detachment on a budget of about $80,000 which he dutifully discusses in his interview segment, one of three interview features on the Cinedigm Blu-ray. Composer Joe Delia and Creative Consultant Jack McIntyre get about ten minutes each in their special feature, but Ferrara's is the one to watch. He bluntly speaks about his struggles with Lund while he praises her work too.

"Zoe XO" and "Zoe Rising" are two moving tributes to the late Zoe Lund, both sadly featuring her notorious struggles with heroin addiction. A 32-page Blu-ray insert includes photos and essays on "Ms. 45" and rounds out a must-see film from an exploitative era of cinema.

"Ms. 45"

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