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Here Comes the Devil

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
Here Comes the Devil

Adrián García Bogliano wrote and directed the Mexploitation mess "Here Comes the Devil" ("Ahí va el diablo"), available in Spanish, dubbed English or subtitles.

Inexplicably starting with gratuitous lesbian humping, the film continues to make little sense amidst a loud soundtrack and awkward pauses, strange angles and bumpy '70s zooms.

Mother Sol (Laura Caro), who takes a lot of showers, and dad Felix (Francisco Barreiro) allow their son Adolfo (Alan Martinez) and daughter Sara (Michele Garcia) to head up a spooky hill alone (since when did kids beg to hike?). They advise, "Don't talk to strangers" as the children head over the boulders to a vulval cave, one that causes earthquakes and houses the devil, the local gas station attendant helpfully shares with full frontal exposition. He adds, "To the evil ones, we're only a shell."

"The devil stood on my chest, naked."

The 'tweens get lost, but show up the next day, not quite themselves, behaving in a "Children of the Maíz"/"I've got an evil secret" manner. The kids start skipping school, leading them to see a psychologist who advises that they "now have excessive dependence"; the house has bouts of shaking; and the kids have instances of levitation (via poor special effects), while friend Marcia (Barbara Perrin Rivemar) babysits but flees, because "the devil stood on my chest, naked."

The couple doesn't communicate, but still manage some sex, a misplaced murder and feed their zombies some Jonestown juice.

Blu-ray extras include an extended nightmare scene (no, thanks), director commentary, behind the scenes comparisons, rehearsal footage, a photo gallery, and "A Look At," which interviews the director and cast. With blunt unoriginality, Bogliano relates all the film's sex to life and the supernatural to death. Yet he doesn't take the time to explain the box of fingers. There goes his Oscar.

"Here Comes the Devil"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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