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Scream Park

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
Scream Park

While it's blatantly ripping off several 1980's and 1990's horror films, "Scream Park" also comes up with a couple of nifty ideas of its own. Not a bad feat for a film that pays homage to everything from 1981's "The Funhouse" to 1997's "Scream." Throw in a dash of "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" and there you have "Scream Park."

Fright Land, a long-running local amusement park, sadly has to close its doors and seen in the first few frames of the film, has dwindled its customer base down. The young and nubile employees decide to throw a party to celebrate the last days of the park and in the vein of both "My Bloody Valentine" and "The Funhouse" (and every other 80's teenager slasher film), there will be lots of random slayings, numerous times where characters split up, and inept cops who never show up to save the day.

And this is what makes "Scream Park" unoriginal, yet a blast in every way.

Each scene is almost a direct rip-off of the horror film genre, from the "Friday the 13th" style killings to the stalk and slash sequences made famous by "Halloween." A last-minute twist ending slighlty takes away from everything "Scream Park" succeeds in offering.

Not much is presented in the special features department on "Scream Park's" DVD. Director Cary Hill does an audio commentary. A blooper reel, along with the film's trailer, is the only other bonus material.

"Scream Park"

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