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Walking With Dinosaurs - The Movie

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Apr 9, 2014
Walking With Dinosaurs - The Movie

There is still no natural wonder as exciting as the dinosaurs. These mighty dragons once ruled the earth and have captured our imaginations through the ages. Everyone remembers the first time that he walked into a Natural History Museum and got his first look at these mighty beasts. Even their bones ignited theories of what they were like, lumbering through the landscape of our prehistoric planet. Hollywood has always worked to capture their world, from the jungle threat they posed in the mighty film classic "King Kong" to when they roamed the modern era in "Jurassic Park." In the animated adventure "Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie" we're treated to seeing what it would have been like in their natural habitat.

The story unravels through the experience of a young dinosaur runt named "Patchi" (voiced by Justin Long) who, after a fruitful season in the northern plains with his herd of Pachyrhinosaurus, embarks on his first perilous migration and learns life's most valuable lessons of survival. During the journey Patchi faces carnivorous predators and the elements, and still finds true love.

"Dinosaurs" is one of those rare gems that not only entertains, but helps to teach a valuable lesson, as well as introduce the young, eager, future paleontologist about these incredible creatures.

Through the magic of 3D technology the filmmakers have guaranteed to create a fully immersive experience unlike any other wildlife safari -- one that takes you back in time!

Directed by Barry Cook, who brought us Disney's "Mulan," and Neil Nightingale, who also wrote the environmentally conscious "Happy Feet," the animated feature skillfully navigates cinematic vistas with wonderfully detailed CGI that brings Patchi and the rest of his herd -- and their dinosaur friends -- to life. In many cases, the story hinges on the real-life science that we've already learned about these beasts, but if you still want to learn a little more along their journey, the bonus feature "Ultimate Dino Guide" reveals more about what it must have been like to share the planet with dinosaurs.

There's enough on the Blu-ray Disc to keep any young adventurer happy, which is loaded with exclusive special features like an interactive map that helps you follow Patchi's migration, and several dino-inspired games for the entire family.

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie
is available on Blu-ray, DVD Combo Pack with HD Digital Download for $22.99

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