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Devil’s Due

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 6, 2014
Devil’s Due

A combination of the Found Footage genre and the once-popular devil impregnation category mesh into an average thriller with "Devil's Due." It offers a handful of jolts but nothing new in either classification.

Zach and Samantha are newlyweds, and for sentimental reasons, Zach videotapes the couple's every move (luckily for us the viewers). On a wild honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, Samantha drunkenly gets led into a strange ritual by an ominous yet trustworthy taxi driver. Yup, you can't trust anyone anymore.

The happy couple comes home to find out they're pregnant, and the inevitable happens during the course of the film's 90-minute running time.

Not enough time gets spent on Samantha's actual pregnancy process, save for the inevitable raw-meat eating sequence (done much better in "Rosemary's Baby") and a few angry outbursts. And what's with the "R" rating? Beyond a scattering of bloody sequences, "Devil's Due" remains tepid and PG-13-ish.

The creative team known as Radio Silence sit down for an interview session and talk about how "Devil's Due" came about in the special feature titled "Radio Silence: A Hell of a Team." Their 4-short films get packaged here on the Blu-ray; the most fun and funniest among them is an "Alien" spoof that remains one of the top-searched videos on Google.

Ten deleted scenes get offered here also, mostly featuring Samantha and Zach on their honeymoon. These were obviously cut out for pacing reasons. Faring better is an audio commentary with the directors and a commendable photo album featuring studio stills.

"Devil's Due"

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