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I, Frankenstein

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday May 18, 2014
I, Frankenstein

It's inevitable: Even Frankenstein has been brought back from the dead, literally. "I, Frankenstein" tries to distinguish itself by touting on the DVD cover that it's brought to us by the people that made the "Underworld" films. The influence shows but lessens what could have been a modern update of an old movie monster.

Aaron Eckhart (why?) stars as Frankenstein's monster Adam, and gets referred to by name for the first time in any Frankenstein film. The beginning sequence borrows heavily from Mary Shelley's original novel, but then heads into demons and gargoyles territory, having Adam incessantly battling these creatures till the end of the film. Meanwhile, a blonde female scientist tries to recreate the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.

There isn't anything here that you haven't seen in a slew of other CGI-effects laden monster films.

From listening to the two audio commentaries (the film's director speaks on one and producers on the other), you wonder what could've gone so severely wrong with "I, Frankenstein." Everyone worked their butts off for months as seen in the two making of special features on the DVD, titled "Creating a Monster" and "Frankenstein's Creatures," which document the meticulous attention that was done on the film's special effects.

Based on a graphic novel, the failure of "I, Frankenstein" appears to be on a redundant story and as can be seen in the trailer on the DVD, the film should've been marketed as a comedy.

"I, Frankenstein"
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