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Mr. Jones

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 20, 2014
Mr. Jones

"If you see him, run" reads the tagline of the just-released Blu-ray "Mr. Jones". If it were only that simple to become terrorized about a film concerning the artistic endeavors of a mysterious man in the woods.

"Mr. Jones" (not to be confused with the Richard Gere film of the same name) is unique enough: a young couple Scott and Penny decide to get away from it all by going to a remote mountain area to further develop their art craft. Inevitably, this involves filming their every move via a camcorder. But unlike scads of other "found footage" films, it doesn't become distracting or glaring in "Mr. Jones."

They discover the art works of local legend "Mr. Jones" and upon finally seeing him/it, they start having nightmares and hallucinations. After a thought-provoking and generally interesting first hour, the thriller plunges into incoherence territory and has the unavoidable twist ending. Spoiler: Why, oh why, couldn't Mr. Jones just be a normal, ordinary guy? His/its revelation won't come as a surprise at all.

Lead actors Diane Neal ("Law & Order: SVU") and Jon Foster ("Stay Alive) do their best with what little material they are given to work with.

Without a single special feature, the retail price of a little more than $20 seems a bit hefty for the Blu-ray. A rental would suffice until you decide whether a full-blown purchase is necessary to add "Mr. Jones" to your horror collection.

"Mr. Jones"

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