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Mischief Night

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday May 30, 2014
Mischief Night

And now for something a tad different from the norm in the horror department, check out the new After Dark Films original "Mischief Night". Just don't let the mugging photo of horror stalwart Malcolm McDowell, shown prominently on the DVD cover, fool you into thinking this is his film.

Does this scenario sound familiar? A young, buxom blonde female is babysitting at a suburban home when suddenly she realizes that a masked killer lurks outside. The homages to "Scream", "When a Stranger Calls", and "Halloween" are prominent and then "Mischief Night" does an about face. Without revealing too much, this horror film becomes a love story, drama, comedy, and then returns to its horror roots in the last 15 minutes.

All of the action takes place on the night before "Halloween"...perhaps after all these years there was no other day of the year left to have a horror film take place on. Hammy thespian McDowell shows up as a neighborhood watchman in what amounts to about a 3-minute cameo that seems wildly out of place. He's also in outtakes during the 10 minute credits sequence. Can you say phoning it in?

But for a quick, entertaining 80 minutes, "Mischief Night" warrants a rental and not much more. The DVD has no extras, save for trailers of other Lionsgate horror films.

"Mischief Night"

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