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House of Dust

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 6, 2014
House of Dust

How excited was I to learn about a new haunted asylum direct-to-DVD film? While so many others in this genre have succeeded ("Session 9" comes to mind), the failing of "House of Dust" can be blamed on an exiguous idea that never comes to fruition.

I admired the performance of Inbar Lavi ("Underemployed") who plays mentally unstable Emma. She and a bunch of medical students decide to explore the insane asylum nearby where decades before, deadly experiments were performed on patients...at least I think this is what was going on in the hazy five minute prologue.

Emma starts having visions but could it be her new medication's side effects? Lavi's character is never explored so it's vague whether Emma is bipolar, schizophrenic, or just plain wacko. A snippet of a flashback hints she might've been in the asylum as a patient. This and many, many other scenes offer no explanation.

Suddenly, Emma's college buds start acting strangely and it appears as though the ghosts of the mental institution have possessed the students.

Aside from a ghostly apparition or two just outside the frame of the camera in a few scenes, "House of Dust" will barely keep you awake. Most of the action takes place in college dorms and for a film about a haunted asylum, it severely disappoints that about 15 minutes of footage takes place in the sanctuary setting.

"House of Dust" has no bonus material (aside from previews), thus rendering a purchase of the DVD unnecessary.

"House of Dust"

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