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The Lego Movie

by Louise Adams
Thursday Jun 19, 2014
The Lego Movie

At first, I thought the makers of "The LEGO Movie" were high, but then I realized that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's meta-film is from a child's point of view, exemplifying that "everything is awesome" as Mark Mothersbaugh's earworm theme song avers.

Delightfully enthusiastic "Parks and Recreation" ensemble member Chris Pratt is perfect and perfectly clueless as Emmet Brickowski, an EveryLEGO construction worker in a CCTV dystopia, plucked from anonymity to be "The Special" and deliver a relic to stop President/Lord Business's (Will Ferrell in voice-over and in person) doomsday Kragle device.

The President, as well as his human CEO counterpart, like their multiverses homogenous and undisturbed, with a penchant to follow directions and a love of the flat yet hit TV show "Honey, Where Are My Pants?"

Everything is awesome in "The LEGO Movie."

A pantheon of pop culture figures from the "highly sophisticated interlocking brick system" aid the hapless hero, including Morgan Freeman's hippie mystic mentor Vitruvius, punker love interest WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman/Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett's basso profundo put to good Christian Bale use), fellow "Parks and Rec" cast mate Nick Offerman as transformed pirate Metal Beard, and forever annoying Charlie Day as 1980s spaceman Benny, who finally finds appropriate motivation to yell by repeating "spaceship!" when called into action.

The mishmash of references, just like a box of LEGOS, seamlessly snaps together, and viewers will know "all of this is true because it rhymes."

In addition to a third 3D disc and Vitruvius mini-figure, the Everything is Awesome Blu-ray Combo pack also offers feature commentary, outtakes, deleted scenes and the humorous mini-features "Batman: A True Artist," "Michelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops," "Enter the Ninjago," "Bringing LEGO to Life," "See It! Built It!" and "Stories from the Story Team." There's also the fan-made films that were featured in the final cut (along with the runners-up), plus a sing-along to the ubiquitous, addictive and awesome title tune.

"The LEGO Movie"
Everything is Awesome Blu-ray Combo Pack featuring 3D disc Vitruvius mini-figure

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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