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Almost Human

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 19, 2014
Almost Human

A throwback film always happens to be a good idea and in the case of "Almost Human," it's just shy of being almost perfect. You may need a notepad to jot down all the movie references that occur in this debut of director Joe Begos.

In a brilliant opening prologue, Seth (Graham Skipper) runs to the house of his friend Mark (Josh Ethier) claiming that someone, or better yet, something is after him. With only flashing lights and a burst of gusty wind shown, Mark gets whisked away by off-screen aliens. Director Begos should be applauded for the technique of keeping the aliens unseen.

Flashing forward two years later, Seth has moved on with his life, yet has premonition dreams that Mark is back. His dreams become reality and Mark returns as a killing beast but has otherworldly intentions in mind. With homages including "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "The Thing," and even "Halloween," "Almost Human" becomes a gruesome, humorous, sci-fi/horror hybrid.

IFC Films loads up the DVD with an array of bonus features that clock in at almost 2 hours, including audio commentaries that feature director Joe Begos discussing the technical aspects of the film with editor/producer Josh Ethier. A 45-minute 'making of' documentary entertains but two offshoots from that, a behind the scenes and "On Set With Graham Skipper" should be skipped as they include the same material. Begos' short film "Toxin" is worth watching and generates the same tone as "Almost Human" and a vintage TV spot for the film has a cheeky 80's influence to it.

"Almost Human"

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