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Napoleon Dynamite: 10th Anniversary Edition

by Tony Pinizzotto
Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
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"Gosh!" Finally, 20th Century Fox got it right with their recent Blu-ray release of the decade old (and highly celebrated) oddball comedy "Napoleon Dynamite."

Now available, "Napoleon Dynamite: 10 Sweet Years ...of Liger Magic, Tots, & Great Skills" more than satisfies this fan of the 2004 underground comedy that took Sundance Film Festival by storm and had geeks doing their happy dance -- moon boots and all. "Napoleon Dynamite" is the story of an odd, yet lovable, high school teen Napoleon (Jon Heder) and his older brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) who, after their grandmother is hospitalized thanks to a dune buggy accident, are forced to live with their Uncle Rico (Jon Gries). Napoleon befriends his new high school pal Pedro, (Efren Ramirez) helping him run for class president, while unleashing his newest skills to woo "the babes" and save the day.

Unlike the disappointment of many other Blu-ray releases by 20th Century Fox, Think Jam and Fox Video has loaded more extras in this decade commemorative edition than a pocket full of smushed up tater tots. The set comes with two discs: one Blu-ray, the other a two-sided DVD disc complete with a widescreen version of the film on one side and a full screen version on the flip side. As Napoleon puts it, "Flippin’ awesome!"

Unlike the disappointment of many other Blu-ray releases by 20th Century Fox, Think Jam and Fox Video has loaded more extras in this decade commemorative edition than a pocket full of smushed up tater tots.

The extras include: Outtakes and deleted scenes, MTV promos, cast audition footage, still galleries, various Jon Heder/Napoleon TV appearances (including his opening monologue when he hosted SNL); and a great little short featurette entitled "Wedding of the Century" covering a working cast reunion a year after the film’s release, shooting the film "tag" of Kip and Lafawnduh’s (the hilarious Shondrella Avery) wedding sequence.

The highlight of this box set is threefold: Two different audio commentaries (one with Heder, Director Jared Hess and the film’s producer Jeremy Coon, and the other with supporting actors of the film including Ruell, Ramirez, Gries, and Tina Majorino who plays "Deb"); a wonderful 45 minute documentary following Hess at Sundance before the film’s premiere (having no idea how huge this little film would become); and Hess’ fantastic short film "Peluca," which inspired the entire franchise two years before the feature’s release.

The great thing about "Napoleon Dynamite" is that it’s your atypical teen comedy. With all its aloofness and downplayed performances, it delights its fans because it’s not about a dorky teen trying to fit into a normal world. It’s a sweet story about a dorky teen who wants all the others around him to fit into his world. "Napoleon Dynamite" on Blu-ray is a must own and is more fun than a lively tetherball game with your best friend.

"Napoleon Dynamite: 10 Sweet Years ...of Liger Magic, Tots & Great Skills"
10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Box Set

A native of the South Jersey/Philadelphia area Tony Pinizzotto holds a BA in Speech Communications, with a double major in Theatre Arts, and a minor in vocal performance from Rowan University, NJ. Pinizzotto began his career in Chicago, writing in Marketing and Promotions for numerous TV/Film/Theatrical companies including; ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Weigel Broadcasting Co., Paramount Studios, and LarsErik Films; and was a co-founder of Chicago’s critically acclaimed Close Call Theatre. Pinizzotto currently works as a Actor/Writer/Producer in Los Angeles. In his spare time Tony collects vintage classic motion pictures on 16mm film, Hollywood ephemera, and 60s Polynesian Tiki memorabilia. He is a member of The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation and The Los Angeles Conservancy, preserving the art, history, and restoration of vintage LA movie palaces. Pinizzotto also writes for his classic film blog WTFCinema.blogspot.com and is the leading biographer for 50s character actor Jules Munshin. Tony Pinizzotto currently lives with his Domestic Partner of 18 years, and their puppy Tiddly.


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