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Weekend At Bernie’s

by Tony Pinizzotto
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 19, 2014
Weekend At Bernie’s

Just in time for its 25th Anniversary release The MGM 80s romp, "Weekend At Bernie's" can now be yours on Blu-ray Disc for your own home library. "Weekend at Bernie's" tells the tale of Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) and Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy), two young up-and-coming company boys finding a two million dollar clerical error for their company's president Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser). Lomax rewards them with a trip to his Miami Beach mansion. Bernie's not only in with mob partners, bedding his partner's chippie, but also orders plans to have the boys bumped-off. When Bernie turns up dead, our heroes are determined to cover up his death until they can uncover the truth behind the scandal.

"Weekend At Bernie's" is a ridiculous comedy, with more implausible plot points than your typical teen farce. Say what you will about it, over the years it's recognized as a classic -- not as much for its believability but the chance for movie goers to let loose and have fun. It's one of those films that defines its times. The 1980s were all about having fun and being silly. What's sillier than seeing a dead body being dragged around for an hour or so? Silverman and McCarty are adorable. So adorable, that this film spawned a sequel four years later.

"Weekend At Bernie’s" is a ridiculous comedy, with more implausible plot points than your typical teen farce.

Where this Blu-ray release falls short is in its bonus features. Outside of the norm (audio and language options) there's just one bonus, and it breathes as much life as a dead Bernie: the theatrical trailer, which took some real digging to uncover. While it's great to see "Weekend At Bernie's" in all its Blu-ray glory, diehard fans of the film will be hungered for more. However, if you're looking to revisit a good old slapstick comedy, "Weekend At Bernie's" is worth digging up and having another "visitation."

"Weekend At Bernie's"
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