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300: Rise Of An Empire

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
300: Rise Of An Empire

The daunting task of returning to graphic novelist Frank Miller's bloody war is realized in the "pec-tacular" sequel "300: Rise of an Empire." The Persians' hold over the world's ancient civilizations takes to the seas in this adaptation (also of Miller's popular graphic work) that reveals the origins of the God-King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and the muscled might of the Greek forces that fought the conquering invaders. Led by the general Themistokles (played by Sullivan Stapleton) the battle rages on the rapids against the villainous Artemisia (Eva Green) and her navy.

The full-length feature itself is as visually impressive as the original film. The story in "Rise" runs parallel to the Spartan battle that raged to a bitter end. Here the combatants take to the ocean in a series of warring campaigns that leave the water running red. The taunt and tight muscled frame of glistening sweat and powerful shoulders of the Greek armies work in stark contrast to the leathered gear of the Persian mercenaries bent on their destruction. Every eagerly imagined gladiator fantasy is realized and taken to the max for this epic brawl, including one deathly spectacular love scene that has to be seen to be believed.

Featured in stunning high-definition, the movie itself looks great on Blu-ray and is as engaging as when seen on a theater's large screen. Packed with bonus behind-the-scenes looks at the film making, fans get an earful of the true-life history behind "300: Rise of an Empire" and an eyeful of the intense training necessary to sculpt the actors into the primal specimens captured in all their majesty. The first "300" famously revealed the Spartan army in all their grit and grime - the Greeks do not disappoint!

The story is brought up to speed in the series of "The 300 Effect" featurette, and the new ships, fighters, and legends of the empire are explored here too. If you were revetted by the first film, then this next chapter will have you raptured in its midst as well. For vengeance, for glory... "300: Rise of an Empire" raises the stakes, as well as the loincloths, just be warned - the bloodbath is on!

"300: Rise of an Empire"
is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Combo Pack for $34.99

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