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Bad Words

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jul 11, 2014
Bad Words

I've finally seen Jason Bateman in a role he was born to play. The sublime "Bad Words" comes to Blu-ray with mixed results, yet the feature film itself should be seen at all costs for those with a subversive and off-kilter sense of humor.

Bateman plays 40-year old Guy Trilby, a misanthropic and bitter man who hates people, the world, kids, and basically everything. As we begin "Bad Words," Guy has found a loophole in the Golden Quill spelling bee competition that allows him to compete against 8th graders. Meanwhile, a sweet 10-year old boy tries his best to befriend Guy.

It's here that "Bad Words" becomes a step above other comedies and its bittersweet tone comes into play. Bateman slyly hams it up, and his Guy Trilby is a man you'll love to hate.

Without mincing words, Blu-ray special features are a tad disappointing. Offering only a handful of deleted and extended scenes is one such example. They're quick and fleeting. But only having a 10-minute "The Minds and Mouths Behind Bad Words" as a making-of featurette becomes a downer. Bateman does most of the talking here, and shows how he had to have the words he spells out taped near the camera. Bateman does seem to enjoy the directing process, and it's also fun to watch how he and actress Kathryn Hahn filmed their clothed sex scene.

Included too is Bateman's solo audio commentary to listen to -- after, of course, watching "Bad Words" in its entirety.

"Bad Words"

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