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Rushmore (Criterion Collection)

by Jesse Betlyon
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Nov 23, 2011
Rushmore (Criterion Collection)

Now available on Blu-ray from the Criterion Collection comes Wes Anderson's 1998 classic, "Rushmore." Only a director of Anderson's caliber and panache can have each of his films deemed worthy of the Criterion Collection. This, just his second feature film, is a masterpiece of filmmaking during which he established his signature "Wes Anderson" style of beautifully hip static shots, nostalgic production design, and an impeccable taste in soundtracks.

Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray are an unlikely comedic team and a perfect fit for the awkward friendship that blossoms between a high school sophomore and a millionaire tycoon. "Rushmore" was also Jason Schwartzman's first major role and the start to his now stellar career, which makes playing off the seasoned Bill Murray even more enjoyable and real. (Such information and more available by "nerding-out" with this copy of the film.)

That being said, the Blu-ray disc is director-approved and shows a digital transfer of the director's cut of the film. It comes in an artistic cover designed by Wes Anderson's brother Eric Chase Anderson and includes a collectable poster he painted called "The World of Max Fischer: A Map of 'Rushmore'." The Criterion Collection edition is full of supplements including a documentary called "The Making of 'Rushmore'" (also by Eric Anderson), two segments from "The Charlie Rose Show" featuring interviews with Wes Anderson and Bill Murray, audition footage from the international search for Max Fischer, footage from the 1999 MTV Movie Awards entitled "Max Fischer Players Present" in which they parody such films as "The Truman Show" and "Armageddon", and hand-drawn storyboard to film comparison.

"Rushmore" itself is such a cinematic treat, why not put on your blue blazer, dust off that red beret, and go deeper down the halls of "Rushmore" with the Blu-ray Criterion Collection and all of its supplemental glory?

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