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Come Undone

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 23, 2013
Come Undone

Come Undone, or "Presque Rien," quickly became a seminal film in gay cinema. It was a unique spin on the coming of age film by portraying both first love and the loss associated with it. Both sexy and maudlin, the film joins the ranks of films like "Beautiful Thing" and "Edge of Seventeen" as an important part of the coming out/coming of age genre.

The film alternates between two time periods in the life of Mathieu (Jérémie Elkaïm), a young Parisian. He is on vacation on the beach with his depressive mother and annoying sister. He meets Cedric (Stéphane Rideau) and they soon begin a summer romance. The film intercuts with darker more depressive scenes of Mathieu after the two have split. It explores the beginning and end of the relationship, and by the end of the film the film coalesces into one storyline.

It's an interesting take to contrast the bright and cheery moments of first love with the dark depressive moods of loss. In true French fashion, the film does seem to revel in those depressive moments. But despite those dark moments the film really focuses on passion. The two young men express a fiercely passionate romance and an equally passionate split.

Both sexy and thoughtfully emotional, the film does touch on the general experience with coming out and exploring your first gay relationship. Unlike other gay films that romanticize the process, "Come Undone" is not afraid to show those depressive feelings that young neophyte gays can feel.

Sadly, this re-release of the popular film does not include any bonus features. It also does not include any changes to the original release save for the packaging. Instead of being in a DVD case it is now in a high-quality paper folder. This is definitely a preferred storage solution because it takes up less space and is better for the environment.

Sadly, the cover art has not changed. With a re-release 10 years later it would be great to see in the very least some new cover art. This is especially disappointing because the film is French and available in multiple countries with different packaging. It's also sad that neither the bonus features from the original French version nor a special reunion interview or featurette with the cast of interviews with the cast are included. Both Elkaïm and Rideau played multiple gay roles after the success of "Come Undone."

"Come Undone" is a must-have for gay film enthusiasts. Luckily, the film has been released with a sleeker more inexpensive an environmentally friendly package.

"Come Undone"

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