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The Host

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jul 11, 2013
The Host

"The Host" is another attempt for writer Stephenie Meyer to prove her theory that there is no force in the universe stronger than the hormones of a teenage girl. However, unlike the "Twilight" franchise, this film manages to appeal to science fiction fans and people who have not read the young adult book.

In a future where the human race has been overtaken by space parasites, Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) fights her infestation. Fueled by love for her boyfriend Jared Howe (Max Irons), she fights with the personality of Wanderer, the "soul" that has been implanted in her. She escapes to be reunited with her boyfriend only to find that Wanderer has an attraction to Ian O'Shea (Jake Abel). Together, they must battle the hormones of a love triangle and try to preserve the last of the free human race.

Sure, the plot may seem laughable. However, the production design of space creatures made of light, bad-ass chrome vehicles, and a post-apocalyptic desert are enough to entice any sci-fanatic. People who are put off by Meyer or by "Twilight" may want to at least give the movie a chance. It has some great actors, interesting special effects, and shows an interesting take on the future.

Bad-ass chrome vehicles and a post-apocalyptic desert are enough to entice any sci-fanatic.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of the film includes some decent bonus features. There's a mock commercial that describes the benefits to "soul" implantation. The featurette "Bringing 'The Host' to Life" shows some insight into what director/screenwriter Andrew Niccol changed to bring his vision to the screen. The production changes and casting choices were interesting to hear about because they are a huge, but welcome, departure from the "Twilight" craze. It also included some deleted scenes and commentary with Meyer Niccol and producer Nick Wechsler.

Ultimately, "The Host" is a bit of sci-fi light, a decent love story and deserves a little credit for being a young adult love story. However, being what it is people should adjust their expectations accordingly.

"The Host"
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