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Swamp Thing

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 6, 2013
Swamp Thing

If it weren't for the "other" '80s scream queen Adrienne Barbeau, "Swamp Thing" would be just another silly comic book come to movie life. This is what it mostly is anyway, a disappointing addition to the long resume of director Wes Craven.

The plot is changed from the "Swamp Thing" comic book, and so are some of the familiar faces: In the movie, the character of Cable (Barbeau) becomes a female. (This is a good thing.) The rest of the story involves Alec Holland (Ray Wise) turning into a half-plant/half-human after being doused with his new secret formula by Arcane (Louis Jordan). As Holland turns into Swamp Thing, he is played by a completely different actor (Dick Durock).

Barbeau, already a horror semi-veteran at this point with her appearances in "The Fog" and "Creepshow," easily carries the film with her sassy and spunky acting ability. Craven's script and directing are sadly uninspired.

The limitations of a very low-budget feature film come into play on the "Swamp Thing" Blu-ray. Many scenes (even those in the daylight) are murky and feature washed-out colors.

Making up for the lame feature film are some halfway decent Blu-ray special features. Craven does an audio commentary, and the actor who played Jude, Reggie Batts, has an amusing interview also.

Ms. Barbeau does a 20-minute interview segment, in which she trashes the film, mostly due to its unfortunate budget limitations. Barbeau is a hoot as she recalls when she first saw the final print of "Swamp Thing" -- she hated it due to her awful hair and wardrobe. She wisely doesn't mention how bad the screenplay is.

"Swamp Thing"
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