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X-Ray/Schizoid Double Feature

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 20, 2013
X-Ray/Schizoid Double Feature

The double-pairing of the 1980's slashers "X-ray/Schizoid" on Blu-ray makes perfect sense. Both were released back in the day by the Cannon Group (a company that made sleazy exploitation flicks) and both follow the same "Friday the 13th" revenge/slasher/whodunit formula.

Even with flaws and plot holes galore, these films are highly enjoyable in all their high-camp glory, brought about once again by Shout Factory under the Scream Factory trademark.

Because of its general weirdness and hallucinogenic atmosphere, "X-ray" is the hands down winner of the two. The original title of "Hospital Massacre" sums up the film well: Barbi Benton (she of the Playboy Playmate fame) enters a hospital for a routine exam only to end up being held prisoner by a maniac who slashes his/her way through the place.

Nineteen years earlier Benton ridiculed a young boy as she rejected him on Valentine's Day. Is the killer this same person? Duh!

"X-ray" solely existed to take advantage of Benton's voluptuous figure and the camera leers at her every move (including a prolonged "examination" nude scene).

"Schizoid" doesn't fare as well and could perhaps be the only soap opera/slasher made. A newspaper columnist (Mariana Hill) is being sent threatening letters. Meanwhile, her therapy group members are being slashed by a scissors-wielding killer. The lineup of suspects includes her psychiatrist (Klaus Kinski), a strange handy-man (Christopher Lloyd), and her ex-husband (Craig Wasson).

The killings in "Schizoid" seem like an afterthought and the movie becomes more thriller than horror. It's still worth viewing due to its lurid subject matter.

Special features include an interview with the director of "X-ray", Boaz Davidson, and an interview with "Schizoid" actress Donna Wilkes ("Jaws 2", "Angel").

Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack

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