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Body Bags

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
Body Bags

Shout Factory presents another pushed-aside horror cult film from the early '90s with "Body Bags." This Showtime made-for-TV pilot brings together many horror genre actors and directors, along with a "John Carpenter Presents" tag.

"Body Bags" is an entertaining anthology film split into 3 segments -- think "Tales from the Crypt," but without any twist ending or morality spin. These are straight-up horror tales, and Carpenter himself hosts each story, smugly playing the Coroner.

Carpenter directs the first two tales and the first, "Gas Station," is the best. The title refers to the isolated setting, and on duty is a timid young woman. She comes across the likes of Wes Craven as an oddball customer and David Naughton ("An American Werewolf in London") as a hunky stranger. She's also being stalked by a killer. "Gas Station" is the best of all Carpenter horror films: Suspenseful, scary, and atmospheric.

"Hair" is about a man (Stacy Keach) who is obsessed with the fact that he's losing his hair and will go to any means to keep it intact. This tale has a cheeky Sci-Fi element to it and features appearances by '80s female singers Sheena Easton and Deborah Harry, as well as famed low-budget horror director Roger Corman.

"Star Wars" star Mark Hamill plays a man who loses one of his eyes in "Eye," which also stars Twiggy, of all people. Hamill receives an eye transplant and sees things that have happened in the past. "Eye" is directed by horror director Tobe Hooper.

The only visual special feature on "Body Bags" is a half-hour retrospective starring Carpenter and actors Keach and Robert Carradine. Otherwise, there are multiple audio commentaries to choose from.

"Body Bags"
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