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Being Ron Jeremy

by Jason Salzenstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 15, 2005
Being Ron Jeremy

If a bunch of people from your high school got together and shot a spoof of ?Being John Malkovich? to present at your 20-year reunion, that would be funny. Doing the same with a nasty- albeit very well known- porn star (I?m sorry; ?adult film actor?)- not too funny.

Struggling standup comic Brian Pickles (Brian Berke, who also directs) can't get a date to save his life, especially with the girl of his dreams, porn-store clerk Mia (Mia Crowe). When a random experience in a movie booth gives him access to the body of Ron Jeremy, he gets Mia's help in co-opting the star's identity, career, and sex life. As Ron's life spins out of control, and his status in the porn industry plummets, he turns to his friend Andy Dick (Andy Dick, THE HEBREW HAMMER) for help, and the two work to reclaim Ron's body and career.

Knocking-off entire scenes from ?Being John Malkovich doesn?t take much talent. Add to that the fact that the writing is bland, the acting is only a tiny step up from the acting in porn (not that I?ve seen any- I?ve just been told that it?s very bad), and you?ve got a winner!... For middle aged men intent on seeing their favorite female porn star (or male porn idol) in a ?legit? movie.

Luckily, ?Being Ron Jeremy? is only 40 minutes long, making it bearable if not enjoyable. Andy Dick- playing himself- is the other minor highlight. Not as funny as he is in person or on stage, he?s at least entertaining being, well, Andy Dick.

The special features are hardly that (special). Long interviews (I never got to the end of any), a Q&A session with Ron (one of the few interesting, if not exciting, parts of the DVD) and Outtakes that were billed as ?Unbelievably funny...sidesplitting...Too good to miss!? I?ll tell you a secret- you could miss them.

Being Ron Jeremy is cute for what it attempts to do, and it?s not something that?s been done before. Unfortunately, it?s not something that needed to have been done before, and probably would have been best left alone. If you have an hour to kill, pop it in, but don?t set your expectations high. In fact, you?d probably get more enjoyment out of a film Ron?s better known for.

?Ron Jeremy Live? (Ron on stage doing standup), ?Inside the Porn Actors Studio? (Q&A with a live audience), ?Behind the Scenes with the Cast? (exclusive interviews with the stars), Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, ?Backstage with the Porn Stars? and more?

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