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The Bourne Ultimatum

by Aron Gold, Esq.
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 25, 2007
The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne finally gets to the end of his trilogy in The Bourne Ultimatum. This initial DVD release includes several special features which makes it a terrific buy.

Matt Damon gets down and dirty for the last time as Jason Bourne in the Bourne Ultimatum, now available on DVD. Naturally, there's going to be some sort of special collector's edition released, and this release pleasantly surprised me with a large number of special features.

First, there's a large number of deleted scenes which to get you in the mood for watching the rest of the speshies. Man on the Move: Jason Bourne is a terrific special feature that shows you all the cities the movie was filmed in. Rooftop Pursuit is a thrilling featurette which explores the making of the incredible Tangier rooftop scene.

Planning the Punches and Driving School are two featurettes both starring Mr. Matt Damon. In the former, Matt explains his comprehensive fight training for his role as Jason Bourne while in the latter he reveals his stunt driving training which allowed him to get through all those haphazard chase scenes.

New York Chase is a featurette that gives you an insider's view on how the chase sequences were filmed. With the obligatory feature commentary with the director and some trailers, this collection is a terrific way to please an eager fan of the Bourne trilogy.

Aron is a contributor to Edge, focusing on critiques and local events. He is an attorney in Philadelphia.


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