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Resident Evil: Extinction

by Aron Gold, Esq.
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Feb 23, 2008

You've played the games and you've seen the movies. Now the third installment of the "Resident Evil" franchise hits the small screen in Resident Evil: Extinction. The world is covered in teh T-Virus which means obnoxious zombies everywhere. And what is the Umbrella corporation trying to do? Tame the zombies with a pseudo cure? Flanking out the plot is Mila Jovavitch with the remnants of humanity that remains on the surface.

Action, fighting, wuuuuv and zombies. What more could you want in a science-fiction movie based on a video game? RE:E brings a grisly and exciting look at the future after a major, post-apocolyptic breakout. Creepy!

If you're a fan of the movie or simply a fan of zombies, you'll appreciate the special features that aid to this DVD's experience. There's deleted scenes and trailers, including a trailer for the new "Resident Evil" CG movie. Additional commentary from the director, writer and producer. There is also the DVD contains several making-of featurettes such as Alice Vision: Preproduction, "The Big Bang: Shooting RE:E," Bigger, faster, stronger: "The Undead Evolving' and "Vegas Visual Effects: Miniatures." Each explores a different aspect of RE:E and how they have changed from the previous entries in the series (and where they may go from here!). I greatly enjoyed the movie and its features, and recommend it to anybody looking for a distraction.

Resident Evil: Extinction


Runtime :: 94 mins
Release Date :: Sep 21, 2007
Language :: English
Country :: United States

Aron is a contributor to Edge, focusing on critiques and local events. He is an attorney in Philadelphia.


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