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Tuesday May 27, 2014

It's surprising the Religious Right isn't dishing "X-Men: Days of Future Past." After all, here's a movie that climaxes with Erik Lehnsherr (aka Magneto played by Michael Fassbender) telling President Nixon and, via television, the world that it's time to "come out."

Of course that he's talking about being a mutant is metaphoric, but no doubt that vibe is likely to dampen the panties over at the Family Research Council. It was also said that the highly reported alleged sexual abuse lawsuit against the film director's Bryan Singer didn't hurt the movie at the box office, which grossed $111 million over the four-day holiday.

That it is a terrific picture may be the reason why it did so well. Featuring a top-notch cast, a twisty plot that moves between the future and the past, nifty special effects and a message for inclusion of those on the margins, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" kicks the summer season with a movie that lives up to hype. It also breathes new life in what's the most emotional resonant of all blockbuster franchises.


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