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Gay Indie Singer Features Gay Porn Star in Music Video

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

For Perfume Genius' latest music video, the openly gay Seattle singer-songwriter (aka Mike Hadreas) enlisted the burly-hunk and gay porn star, Arpad Miklos.

In the video for his single, "Hood," off his sophomore album "Put Your Back N 2 It," Hadreas allows Miklos to apply makeup to him and comb his hair as he coos over a soft piano riff.

Although the song clocks in at just under two minutes, it packs a powerful message with its intense visuals. It opens with the porn star holding the singer like a baby. Miklos wears only a tight speed-o and at one-point dons a freaky Freddy Krueger mask, and Hadreas wears a kimono, Krueger's signature claw and a hoodie, throughout the video.

"The song's about how if someone knew you 100%, they would go away," he told the indie music review website Pitchfork in an interview. "So, in the video, I didn't acknowledge him until I was fully done-up in all my gear and my wig. That's how I feel in general. That freaky shit underneath-- that's kind of who I am, really."

Hadreas addresses a number of gay issues on "Put Your Back N 2 It," such as on the track "17," which is "basically a gay suicide letter," the singer says. "Take Home," "is a pop song about hookerism," and the title track is "about gay sex."

Perfume Genius' new album follows up his brilliant 2010 debut, "Learning," and the 12-track LP will be released on Feb. 21.

Watch the video for "Hood" below:


  • Thad, 2012-01-20 11:52:10

    I saw this video an hour ago! It’s a lot of song in a very short time, and everyone I know wants more.

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