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Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour

by Steven Bergman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour

For the acclaimed power trio, Rush, 2013 has been a banner year. Now in their fourth decade as a touring and recording juggernaut, the Canadian musicians were finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall and Fame, and have just released a new triple live disc commemorating their highly successful "Clockwork Angels Tour."

With over three hours of material culled from their twenty studio albums, bassist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and ├╝ber drummer Neil Peart are joined on stage for the first time by a string ensemble, used generously throughout the studio release of "Clockwork Angels." Even with a third of the package dedicated to the string-infused new material, the band still give their fans plenty of their classic tracks, including "Big Money," "2112," and "Spirit of Radio." However, they also delve deeper into several of their older albums, adding songs like "Territories," "Middletown Dreams," and "Body Electric" into the three-hours of material. No fewer than three different drum solos are included from Peart, each one in a unique style from the others, and all exemplifying the talents that have made the master drummer one of the top tier musicians in the world.

The string section supports the new material well, but concertmaster David Campbell has also created new arrangements for the additional players in several of the band's older hits. The majority of this new sound is functional, but the highlight is in the band's premiere instrumental, "YYZ," where the string players are allowed to contribute more equally to the jam, and truly add a welcomed new dimension to the 1983 hit from the group's "Moving Pictures" album.

The sound quality on the disc is much better than on some of the band's past live recordings, and this, along with the new string arrangements make this album a must-have for the legions of Rush fans who may have grown tired of the quantity of live material the band has released.

"Clockwork Angels Tour"
CD and Digital formats
Roadrunner Records / Anthem Entertainment

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