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The Doors: R-Evolution

by Steven Bergman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Dec 28, 2013
The Doors: R-Evolution

The blues-based rock of The Doors still resonates as much today as it did when the band was complete and active between 1967 and 1971. But with the death of frontman Jim Morrison in 1971, the three remaining members were unable to create anything else of note. Now with the passing of keyboardist Ray Manzarek, the saga of the band comes to a musical end. Fortunately, Eagle Rock Entertainment has put together a DVD of both well-known broadcast clips from the band's hey day, and lesser-known performances, culled from television appearances and band-created short films, and has released them for us to reexamine the California-based band's contribution to both the psychedelic music of the 1960's, as well as the legacy their music plays in the scope of blues/rock music.

The nineteen clips contained on "The Doors: R-evolution" show the band at its most inspired, with a number of short films of their hits including, "Break on Through (To The Other Side)," "Wild Child," and "Roadhouse Blues." With both Morrison and Manzarek being graduates of UCLA's film school, the videos effectively capture the energy and opinions of the quartet. The video for "The Unknown Soldier" is a blatant anti-war comment on the Vietnam conflict, and the band's various television show appearances put in the forefront their obvious discontent with having to lip-synch for the camera, to the point where for their 1967 appearance on the "Murray the K" show, they didn't even bother with bringing their instruments.

Five clips included here were shot after Morrison's death, including a 1984 video for "Strange Days" and a 1995 film of "Ghost Song" from the band's 1978 release, "American Prayer," which features Morrison speaking his poetry.

Extensive Bonus Features include two outtakes of the band in performance, a quirky Ford Training Film made in 1966, before they broke through with "Light My Fire," and a 45-minute documentary titled, "Breaking Through The Lens" containing extensive interviews with the three surviving members (Manzarek only passed away in May of 2013).

This release is a fascinating look at one of the 60's most popular bands, calling to question what musical directions they could have traveled had Morrison lived.

"The Doors: R-evolution"
The Doors
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Steven Bergman is a Composer / Playwright / Performing Arts Educator based outside of Boston, MA.


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