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D is for Django

by Steven Bergman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Apr 30, 2014
D is for Django

Django Jones is a new band to the family music world, but their sound will be a welcomed friend to fans of their previous incarnation, the award-winning indie band Girlyman.

The remaining trio of Nate Borofsky, Doris Muramatsu and JJ Jones has taken the folk-pop harmonies that were the successful staple of Girlyman (whose releases included "Supernova" in 2012, and "Somewhere Different Now" in 2008), and transformed them into a musical foundation for songs about breakfast, germs, potato leek soup, and Bigfoot.

This debut effort for children (and kids at heart), titled "D is for Django," gives the young listener two albums in one. Over half of the songs are delightful ditties that will have your little ones dancing around the living room, while the remainder of the release is created to soothe your bundle of activity and lull them into that necessary nap (or bed for the night). Using Django, Muramatsu's chihuahua, as the connecting thread between melodies, the group include their playful banter, an endearing trait developed from their performances for older audiences, to bridge the material here, both entertaining and educational, which teaches about subjects from the bones in our body to musical counterpoint.

The harmonies are tight, and the result is a new album for families from another convert from the "grown up" world of commercial music, in the spirit of other groups that have traveled this road, such as They Might Be Giants. Gather the little listeners around or the iPod (or in the car), and enjoy. You will.

"D is for Django"
Django Jones
CD and digital formats

Steven Bergman is a Composer / Playwright / Performing Arts Educator based outside of Boston, MA.


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