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Gay Porn Actor Becomes Vine Famous for Terrible Raps

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday May 2, 2014

What happens when meme culture self-realizes?

You get Bryan Silva.

Silva is the latest person to go viral on Vine (a social media app owned by Twitter that lets people upload six-second looped videos), but unlike other Vine celebrities, who have blown up because their fans are laughing with them, Silva has rocketed to e-stardom because people are laughing at him. Although it's hard to tell if he is aware of that, or even cares.

Silva became a sensation last month when he uploaded a Vine where he says, "That FuFu Lame Shit I Aint With It. I'll Send Some Shots At Your Fitted," then mimics a gun shot, which doesn't actually sound like a gun shot at all. The clip sparked the hashtags, #Gratata (the gun noise) and #VineLikeBryanSilva, which is used when Vine users Imitate his clips. The original Vine currently has 155,000 likes, 157,700 shares and 28,000 comments.

In an interview with Complex magazine published Thursday, Silva, 23, tells writer Lauren Nostro about his aspirations of being a rapper and bodybuilder, how he got in the porn industry and why he has no problem using the n-word, all while being completely oblivious to the reception around him.

Silva, who currently resides Charlottesville, Va., but was born in Florida, tells Complex he's a "king of all trades," having jobs as a bodybuilder, rapper and porn actor. When asked which career came first, Silva said:

"It was the bodybuilding, the fitness career, then it was the porn, and then it was my clothing line, and then it was rapping. It's not really rapping, because I'm not really rapping, I'm mainly just freestyling."

Silva adds that he got into bodybuilding when he was in jail "but mainly started to carry on when I was released," and moved to La Quinta, Calif.

Nostro then asks Silva how he got into porn.

"Just how everyone looked at me. Just me knowing that I’m going to be great and I’m going to succeed in life because when you stand out in a crowd, you know you’re going places," he said. "Always alpha male, always got to stand out."

What Complex fails to mention is that Silva has done gay porn. According to his Facebook page, the "fitness model," as he calls himself, writes: "Muscle Worship, Strength Feats, Jo XXX, Shows Along With Slave Talk Downs. The Master Is Here. Bow, Kneel And Start Serving."

As Queerty notes, Silva has done gay porn under the name Max Payne and has worked with Helix Studios, Next Door Studios (NSFW) and Corbin Fisher.

In the Complex interview, Silva talks about how he’s become famous on Vine.

"I think it was mainly from all my hard work from the past years, from all the promoting," he said. "My name, Bryan Silva, when you say it it’s one of those names that literally gets stuck inside your head to where you don’t forget it. On top of that, my body, my face, everything I do, my personality, how I put myself out there, all that. It all stands out to everyone else. What got me on WorldStar was my one flexing video."

He also talked about uploading the infamous clip, saying he initially wasn’t going to post it but decided to, saying "Fuck it. I don’t even care." When he woke up the next morning, he found out his clip e-exploded.

When asked about his haters, he said they "make you famous." Silva goes on to address the controversy that some have taken issue with him using the n-word because he is white.

"Yeah, I’ve earned my right to say that," he told Complex. When asked how he has that right, he said, "From being on the block since I was eight years old. I’ve always had my fun in the streets. While these niggas were hating on the porch, I was having my fun in the streets."

Silva added he plans "to take over everything. As my real niggas start to hear my tracks and read into my interests. Real recognize real, it’s real simple."

Read the full Complex interview herek.

Check out Silva’s Vine account here.

Also, check out a compilation of his Vines on YouTube below:


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