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Hollywood’s Secret Singing Star

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
Hollywood’s Secret Singing Star

It's quite an interesting fact that the gifted big band singer and talented popular singer, Jo Ann Greer never had the opportunity to record an entire album of songs on her own. To the left and right of her, other singers of her generation such as June Christy or Julie London held recording contracts. These contracts opened the door to creatively bring forth their talent numerous times over the span of their careers.

The door to Jo Ann Greer's career as a vocalist had a "red light" above it for "Quiet on the set!" Greer's vocal qualities were contracted out by Columbia Pictures to be used for star Rita Hayworth. So, throughout the 1950s in motion pictures such as "Pal Joey," "Affair in Trinidad" and "Sadie Thompson" it is Jo Ann Greer providing vocals as Hayworth lip-synced to Greer's voice in her musical numbers. It is noted that Hayworth and Greer were friends and enjoyed working together. However, studio boss Harry Cohn made it explicit that the general public was never to know that the magic singing voice behind the "love goddess" was Jo Ann Greer.

Jasmine Records honors the style, emotion and range of this master vocalist in "Jo Ann Greer: Hollywood's Secret Singing Star." For the first time on CD, not only are several of her motion picture vocals to be found but also, most importantly... an extensive amount of rare single releases from her time spent with such big band outfits such as Les Brown and Ray Anthony. The collection includes Greer singing "songbook" standards such as "The Man Who Got Away," "My Heart Belongs to Only You" and "Hit the Road to Dreamland" while also offering up several obscure and rare tracks of what could be considered "forgotten" songs. Yet, with the sound of her voice, they are a delight. Jo Ann Greer's vocals could take her sparkling voice to triumph in the genres of swing, blues and ballads; though, a majority of her true talent was capitalized on [behind the scenes] to make someone else sound better on screen. This collection of 28 songs is and remains an acknowledgement deserving of accolades, utterly deserved and reserved for Jo Ann Greer.

"Jo Ann Greer: Hollywood's Secret Singing Star"
Jo Ann Greer
Jasmine Records


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