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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 7, 2013

Rod Stewart has mellowed with age. He still has a rock n' roll swagger and that unmistakable voice but presented on "Time" is a sweetness and simplicity that has always been there under the surface. It just feels too laid back in his lyrical style for possibly his own good. One new song focuses on his looking back while sharing a philosophy of life, career and his majestic history in the industry with fresh advice for the new generation with "Can't Stop Us Now." The song is a bit like champagne that tastes a wee bit flat in the tempo or in the real depth of the lyrics. The song is here and gone before it really makes a strong impression. It has just a touch of the "speak and spell" styling.

Yet, when Rod Stewart really puts his mind and heart into the heartbreak of love and then writes a song... it can be like heady verse or a poem of beauty, sadness and realism. That is how his "It's Over" and a few other selections feel. "It's Over" is direct and real; structured magnificently around a beautiful string section. It's almost as if we want to hold Rod Stewart in the emotional and timeless pull of a lovelorn troubadour who knows the ropes and loves, leaves and comes back for more. He has the distinct capabilities to break a heart and mend it at the same time...and that might just be the secret to his musical mythology.

Let's face it. Rod Stewart is a legend of rock n' roll from "Faces" all the way down the boulevard on "Hot Legs" to "Maggie May" along the way. So, although "Time" is on the mellow side, there always will be time for Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart
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