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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

Jack Beauregard is not a solo artist. "JB" is comprised of two guys by the name of "Daniel" [Schaub] and "Pär" [Lammers] and "Irrational" is the duo of dreams and doubt's third release. The album has uncomplicated and intelligent lyrical qualities to sit a spell and tune-in to while tuning out... and the qualities hark back to the tempos and ethereal space of the 1980's escapade of The Alan Parsons Project or even at times, the darker and tempestuous Pink Floyd in the musical landscape of the proportion of sounds.

As Jack Beauregard's "Daniel" vocalizes on "The Harbor" off "Irrational"... "Finish the puzzle, because I can't fall asleep" or take the track "Miss Sunset" with a touch of beach boy remorse, this song slowly spins in a dreamy carousel of grooves with musical hues as varied as a day at the park or the changing hues of mixed emotions. There is also more at the heart of this music than relationships and in "Bleeding Knees" those feelings are portions of "non-trust," civil rights and to relay a lyric... "You and I will not be silenced." Is Jack Beauregard thinking too hard with their music? Is it bountiful "beat-wise?" Not really except for the continuation of their hit song "You Drew a Line" from "JB's" sophomore release, now morphing in to "Where is the Line" which caught the attention without a fight.

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