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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 8, 2013

Combining a rawness and essence that is so familiar to none other than the master Jimi Hendrix in both guitar lightening flashes of brilliance and complexity plus rough-hewn vocals that manage to convey hard-core statements of lyrical depth, dUg Pinnick bares nothing but continued strength as a performer with his latest musical smash-up "Naked." Seriously sensational yet floating effortlessly on, around and above each track, he slams, encourages and screams with both his playing and his voice. As Pinnick pleads, "Do something you think you can't. Who you are you won't forget, she said, she said." he sparks these words in a wizened and powerful plea, and there is a definite need to twist the volume up and really listen to his fierce and ferocious opus called "Courage."

Incredibly vital in storytelling through songwriting, dUg Pinnick's emotional intensity slithers and sways while instilling a sensitive tone to the reality of each situation he speaks of with a sharp pen while the cascading combination of the instruments around him flare up to match the mood, message or just the basic man in motion. His chord progressions also shift with the selection and stir up beauty matched with a hard-core shell of protection. "I Hope I Don't Lose My Mind" captures this feeling intensely and for what it's worth in feelings... is a "basic" instinct anthem of love and protection.

His poetry of wordplay stands alone as an inspirational essay with his lyrics for "If You Fuk Up." Without the least amount of pretension or preach speech, he nails all the impressions of the hardship, self-hate or insecurity of living in a race of anxiety, false pretenses or honest depression in a mind-fuck of "why me?" His clarity is astounding and ten-to-one, this song truly applies to everyone at one time or another.

Laying all the cards on the table, I did not know that Pinnick was as noteworthy as his musical history and went into his music with no previous perceptions of what his music would be other than the quality of excellence brought forth by the accolades of others in the industry or the positive glows of the press. "Naked" is so reminiscent of just what real quality is to be found and discovered outside of a junk heap of artists who in mass "follow the leader" or "just sound like they sound" in styles that are so prevalent throughout certain genres of sound. Crank up a big "Bravo" for dUg Pinnick for that!

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