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Kaya Jones sings about her ’Boyfriend’ on the ’DL’

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Kaya Jones has left her "Dolls" behind, so to speak. As an initial member of The Pussycat Dolls, the singer/dancer is gearing up for the release of her solo CD debut, simply titled "Kaya." Her latest single off the debut is "Boyfriend." A sizzling video explores just what it feels like to find out your man is cheating with another man.

Now, Kaya Jones is not one to jump on the bandwagon of the gay agenda for just the publicity, of a hot-button cause. The musical artist truly has a deep-rooted connection to the LGBT rights initiative that has spanned many years now.

The vivacious blonde bombshell has consistently proven herself as an ally of our community. Jones has previously been chosen as an honorary host for GLAAD, she's consistently a bright spirit at many Gay Pride events and her belief in "Equality for all" began from the heart, with a close gay family member.

For her newest music video, "Boyfriend" off her upcoming April 4th solo debut release, "Kaya," she romantically and tastefully pushes the envelope for a media balance of musical exposure for the realization of gay marriage. Kaya Jones dedicates "Boyfriend" to judges, Stephen Reinhrdt and Michael Daly Hawkins. The two men on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals cast the votes to rule in favor of equality and same-sex marriage. This decision brings same-sex marriage, one very important step closer in overturning Proposition 8 as unconstitutional.

Let’s find out, here on EDGE Media Network and direct from Kaya Jones what the song, video and message mean for her. With the help of director, Davy Duhamel, supermodel Ngo Okafor and fashion designer Traver Rains, "Boyfriend" is a vivid slip into the mind of a woman who discovers her boyfriend has a "Boyfriend."

A great equalizer

EDGE: The "Boyfriend" song and video is a great equalizer of exposure for the gay community. To put the song out there like you did is phenomenal.

Kaya Jones: Thank you, I appreciate that.

EDGE: The song is catchy and clever in the lyrics too.

Kaya Jones: Yeah, "I’m not the princess in your fairytale world and you never lied, when you told me I was still your number one girl" Right?

EDGE: Exactly. Who wrote it?

Kaya: Two really amazing guys, Traver and Mike wrote it. They actually wrote it years ago. It’s really a crazy, funny story. They wrote it years ago for an artist. They were trying to get her excited about doing something really different. She was telling them a story and they were telling her, "This could be really cool. Why don’t we write that song?" She was like, "I don’t want to sing that song." Traver and Mike said, "Well... we want to write this song."

She ultimately turned it down and they tried to shop it. When it was written, every major artist you could name heard this song and a lot of people felt it was a hit, they loved it because it was cool and edgy. But they felt, "it’s just not time, it’s too edgy... it’s just too much." It was just openly talking about a gay relationship. "We’re not ready for that." They were all scared about the premise but they all loved the song, it’s a good song.

A double-standard

EDGE: That’s tough.

Kaya Jones: I think they were worried about how everyone would perceive them. I was in the studio with Traver, recording another song that’s on my upcoming LP called "Every Seven Seconds." That’s basically about how men think about sex every seven seconds and that we do too... and that’s okay.

So, when I was in there with him, he knew about me doing work with GLAAD and the stuff I was doing. He said, "I don’t know. We played it ["Boyfriend"] for so many people. I don’t know if it’s going to be for you. But, I think it might be because what you stand for." He played the song for me and I wanted that song, there and then. I said, "This is my song. This is amazing and I love it. I think it’s a good time to talk about it with all the other things going on. I’m a firm believer, for example, when Katy Perry wrote "I Kissed a Girl" and everybody was fine with that... why is everybody scared of this song?

EDGE: Right... kind of a double standard.

Kaya Jones: I’m an artist and it’s kind of my job to push boundaries and talk for my fans. Just to talk about things, question things and raise a question mark. I had to do it and I loved it. I actually had a boyfriend who was gay. I was 12 and he was my first boyfriend. We never really were "boyfriend and girlfriend" but we would hold hands and tell everyone that... but he had a boyfriend. It was a weird, little relationship. We would hold hands and he would hold his boyfriend’s hand. We were best friends, I guess. I understood him and I was okay with it. They were both amazing people to me.

A fun twist

EDGE: That childhood experience, now sort of transforms into an adult experience in the video.

Kaya Jones: When I talked with Davy Duhamel, the director, and we were going to shoot the video, he said, "What about if we do something different at the end? If it’s you and a girl and that’s revealed and you didn’t care anyway?" I thought, "That’s it."

EDGE: That twist at the end is fun.

Kaya Jones: Yeah! It’s a good twist; you know what I’m saying? It’s funny because so many men are like, "I love that last scene." I find it funny because everyone was so concerned about the rest of it... but the last scene, you’re okay with it.

EDGE: Davy really created a romantic feeling to the video as well. You look incredible.

Kaya Jones: Thank you! Yeah, he wanted to do something romantic and sexy. I worked with him on the "How Come?" video for Eminem and D-12. That’s actually how we met. I played "Kim" in that video. That was my first encounter with Davy and he cracked the whip. It was great and we remained really great friends.

He’s been seeing what’s happening in my career and he was my obvious choice. It all worked out really well.

EDGE: Definitely. I’m really happy you chose the song and took it further.

Kaya Jones: You’re so welcome. I’m glad to do it.

Watch "Boyfriend" below. Kaya Jones’s CD Kaya is to be released on April 4, 2012. For more on Kaya Jones, visit her website.

Watch Kaya Jones’ video of "Boyfriend":


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