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Emii :: It’s Time!

by JC Alvarez
Saturday May 25, 2013

Today’s pop-stars have to come fully-loaded. To succeed in this highly competitive business they have to know how to size up the competition, anticipate what their fans are after, and then work to keep them on their feet. Emii has been strategizing on her plan of attack for a better part of the new millennium, and the pop goddess with a heart for rock and roll, is deciding to set her sites on the club floor.

Porcelain smooth skinned and exotically beautiful, Emii is still glowingly an ingénue though already solidly invested in her music.

"I started with pop/dance music. I was 16." But admits that the material from that early era of her career was less than what she had hoped for, Still she was dedicated to the process. "I wrote with a lot of producers and for a time it was rock - some really heavy rock."

Her debut EP Magic produced by veteran studio producer Adrian Gurvitz revealed her darker edge and muscularity as a vocalist on love lorn tracks like the EP’s title track and "Kiss It Where It Hurts". To match that album project’s electric guitar grinds, her look was, appropriately, leather and lace. Her auburn hair synched with her rock credibility, though at the moment she sports platinum locks.

"Initially what happened when I was working with Adrian Gurvitz," Gurvitz is well known for the work he did on The Bodyguard Soundtrack which featured Whitney Houston. "I started having flashbacks," Emii continued, "of being this little kid and blaring that soundtrack in my grandparents’ attic - he reminded me of that."

Emii would deliver a more contemporary beat-heavy jam entitled "Mr. Romeo" and featured Snoop Dogg (the newly baptized Snoop Lion). Her love of r&b and soul would some come into play. "I think it’s becoming very clear to people now that I love all kinds of music."

Emii counts Whitney Houston among one of her chief influences as a vocalists. "There’s also Gloria Gaynor, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders - there were a lot of oldies growing up that I would listen to in the car." Not surprising, the artist also cites Tom Jones as one of her favorites especially his signature song "Delilah" . "That song is so dark in an ultra theatrical way! I would love to cover that - it’s so sexy and evil at the same time."

Early Start

As a toddler, Emii would avail herself of any (and every) opportunity to perform. "I would run up to any random stage and perform - hand motions and all. People would wonder: why is she up there?" Now no one asks or questions now when the precocious pop-princess has an inspiration or a whim to satisfy. "I kinda just knew it from a very young age."

Emii gravitated to the theater. "Everywhere else I’m a little bit awkward - but get me on a stage...and I’m home! I started taking it serious when I was thirteen or fourteen." Emii insisted that she threw a tantrum begging her parents to allow her to be home schooled. "I wanted to have the flexibility to work with different producers, hone my craft and do musical theater." They gave in to her demands, much to her own surprise. "I must have been a huge brat," she jests, "or I really convinced them that I was serious."

Check out Emii’s music video for "Mr. Romeo" featuring Snoop Dogg here:


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