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GLUTTONY: Providence Pride’s Diva Buffet

by Scott Kearnan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 20, 2008

Besides the obvious PRIDE, there are six other ways to make your summer more interesting. Over the next few weeks, EDGE will unveil its "7 Deadly Sins" of summer series in celebration of Pride month. Here's the third in our ongoing list on how to be so bad, it's good.

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Summer is a time for sweets: sweet flings, sweet drinks, and sweet snacks.

But in the weeks leading up to Pride 2008, it's a fair bet that most party people paid a little extra mind to what was going in our mouths (ahem!): when there's a good possibility that you'll wind up shirtless on a go-go box, with the resultant photograph plastered across EDGE and the rest of gay cyberspace, you'd rather viewers direct their gaze to the banana in its hammock instead of the donut around your midsection.

But there are a few things we can never get enough of during Pride, and that includes the performers; especially the female kind, the kind that can wail, and the kind that can get a crowd moving with a thumping party anthem. In short: Divas.

So for Providence Pride, you have our permission to indulge in gluttony. On Saturday, June 21 you'll find not one, but two fabulous favorites performing back to back at the Mirabar Block Party (35 Richmond Street; mirabar.com), which features a T-Dance from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., with the party set to continue through 2 a.m.

Promoting her latest single "Repeat Performance," Rachel Panay always makes for a tasty treat. Plus, the girl has local roots: she studied arranging and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she first began to pound the pavement by shopping demo types to local producers. In fact, though she also records and performs in the jazz genre, her first live show in dance music was staged at Boston club VENU.

But being a studied musician is familiar territory to the other artist with whom Panay will share the Saturday spotlight: Jenna Drey, who studied at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music. Probably her greatest local highlight came in 2004, when her debut single "Just Like That" was adopted as the battle song for the 2004 World Championships. Renamed as "Reverse the Curse, Just Like That," the song played during every televised Boston Red Sox home game and earned Drey attention not just as a singer, but also as a good luck charm to Red Sox Nation.

Now, both artists return to New England with fleets of Billboard Club hits under their belts: Panay will likely pop out "Back to Love," "The Real Thing" and other favorites during her set, will Drey is bound to deliver "By the Way" and her current single "All Out of Love," among others.

Before you indulge in a buffet this beautiful. We took a moment to talk to both ladies of the (club) night, and see where each of these girls stand when it comes to sinning.

EDGE: Your Providence Pride show is an opportunity for fans to indulge in some serious gluttony and party with two divas at one time. But dish, ladies: if calories didn't exist and waistlines never changed, what would be the guilty pleasure food you could NEVER get enough of??
Jenna Drey: If calories were no option, I'd start my day off with hot Krispy Kreme donuts: hot glazed and raspberry filled. Have fried chicken and biscuits for lunch, followed with peach cobbler for dessert. My midday snack would be Cadbury Creme Eggs. My pre-dinner snack would be a big bowl of Crunch Berry cereal. Dinner? If I was not too ill at this point, I'd have a Prime Rib and fries with butter and sour cream on the side, and a banana split with extra caramel for dessert. And my late night snack would be Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies with cream filling, and a big bowl of Super Sugar Crisp cereal. And if I hadn't killed myself yet from Sugar OD, I'd make a batch of Rice Krispy treats and eat the whole pan.
Rachel Panay: Oh, I think the answer to this question could expose me to even more scrutiny by discerning Pride attendees. Cause once they know my answer--macaroni & cheese!--they are going to be looking at me like, "Hmm... I can tell!" Haha!

EDGE: It's fair to say that a pair of drop dead gorgeous girls like you have been the subject of LUST more than once. But what celebrity crush would have each of you red-blooded women begging for an encore?
Jenna Drey: I think Keith Urban is pretty darn cute. Rachel Panay: Do I have to choose only one? That's impossible because its a 3-way tie.: Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Colin Farrell! Any one of them would have me requesting a "repeat performance" if their bedroom skills are proportionate to their looks, talent and personality!

EDGE: Sometimes it can get in the way of things, but June is the month to celebrate the benefits of PRIDE. You've both accomplished a ton as musicians, but so far... what would you consider your greatest, most satisfying professional accomplishment?
Jenna Drey: Three consecutive Billboard Dance Charting Singles, of which the first two, I did with no outside help of a major label.
Rachel Panay: For me, and this is a very recent development, its about satisfying yourself with the work you've done... and standing by it with pride in the best sense of the word. For example, I might complete a project and find that it's not being well received... At this juncture I trust myself and my taste to such a deep level that if I am happy with the work, opinions no longer puncture me in the way they did even two or three years ago. It's not that I've closed myself to constructive criticism or feedback. In fact, I am more open to that than ever before because I no longer feel the false sense of a personal attack when it comes.

EDGE: The music business can be cutthroat, and we're sure that you've found yourself harboring WRATH towards someone along the way! What's the angriest you've ever been at a moment in your career?
Jenna Drey: I'm angry at the people who don't at least even give you a chance because you aren't already a super-famous superstar or the winner of American Idol.
Rachel Panay: One incident that comes to mind is at an NYC venue that shall remain nameless! I was still new to NYC and grabbed an opportunity to do a performance on a great stage with a great DJ spinning that night... After the performance, we waited to be paid... and we waited and waited. Finally, my dancer friend... was outraged on my behalf. He goes up to the [club] office and the door was locked even though everyone knew the promoter had just gone in there with a handful of go-go boys, a tray full of drinks, and a pocket full of who knows what! Hours later... the payment was made and we were able to leave. The individual in question still acts as if he's my big brother, so sweet, supposedly caring and supportive of my career.

But when push came to shove, there was an utter lack of respect shown... That's why today, my contract reads: 'Payment in cash in full prior to performance.' ... When I talk about it I get as fired up today as I did the night it happened.

EDGE: Fans can never get enough of your music, but GREED can be a mighty dangerous vice. Tell our readers: what's the one thing in your life that you would NEVER want more of?
Jenna Drey: Fat on my thighs? Does that count?
Rachel Panay: I never want more venues that are inappropriate for my style of music! Haha! For example, [say] it's at a Pride event and it's the women's party and the DJ is spinning hip hop, which is totally cool, but you know these girls do not want to be interrupted with this House music you know? I love to bring my music to new audiences but I am not there to ruin a flow that's already been established by the DJ.

EDGE: Green isn't our color, but that's not to say we haven't felt ENVY in the past. While you're both amazingly talented artists, what's the one skill--music related or otherwise--that you wish you could have?
Jenna Drey: To play the guitar.
Rachel Panay: I started my artistic training in the world of classical ballet... So whenever I see someone dancing in a beautiful, inspiring way, I really yearn for the ability to dance with the kind of freedom that can only come if you've stuck with your training.

EDGE: You're both hardworking performers, so we can only imagine how nice it is to have a weekend off. When you're not in the studio, the clubs, or on stage, what's your favorite way to spend a lazy day off??
Jenna Drey: I love sitting on the couch hugging my two golden retrievers, reading home-related magazines. Rachel Panay: I love my movies and my favorite sushi delivery place! If the night before was particularly intense or indulgent, you'll see my pay-per-view bill and it's full of blockbuster movies I missed in the theater.

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