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by Adela M. Brito
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

The Band Perry's second album has arrived, and it was worth the wait. No sophomore slump is evident for the multi-award-winning sibling-trio. "Pioneer" is packed with bold songs - ranging from thunderous rockin' tunes to quieter ballads - and is destined to climb the charts and earn new accolades for the edgy Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry.

On most albums, there are songs that a listener will skip, but this is not one of those albums. This twelve-song set, produced by the Nashville veteran Dann Huff, is a fantastic follow-up to the band's smash debut.

Kicking things off with the full-throttle intensity of the previously-released number one hit "Better Dig Two" and "Done.," there's no doubt why these country-pop-rockers are hot, hot, hot! The opener begins with a sweet banjo, but after Kimberly threatens with "Cause I'll go to heaven or I'll go to hell before I'll see you with someone else..." things get scorching hot. While "Better Dig Two" takes "till death do us part" to a new level, "Done." is the perfect empowerment kiss-off tune. This listener couldn't help replaying these two songs a few times before continuing on to the rest of the album.

No sophomore slump for the multi-award-winning sibling-trio.

The anthem-type, Queen-influenced, "Forever Mine Nevermind" is a lively standout on this set, as are "I'm a Keeper," "Chainsaw" and "Night Gone Wasted." On the mellower side, the title track "Pioneer," Don't Let Me Be Lonely" and "I Saw A Light" highlight the group's perfect harmonies. "Back to Me Without You" and "End of Time" close the album nicely, and when the latter fades out, chances are, the play button will be pressed again.

"Pioneer" is a varied and entertaining offering from a terrific band. It's obvious the songwriting skills of these young musicians jumped a notch since their last effort. This listener is already excited for the next one, because it's pretty clear that TBP is here to stay.


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