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If It Were You We’d Never Leave

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 9, 2013
If It Were You We’d Never Leave

The second album from Andrew Bayer, "If It Were You We'd Never Leave," is a ride on a cloud: unexplored, unchartered and unexpected, but ever necessary in the realm of music in 2013. The hallucinations come and go as the landscapes from way above swirl past fast, slow and fast again. And that is where the much-anticipated second album leaves the first "It's Artificial" so beautifully behind as a rocket losing its booster - so it can cruise into the abyss.

Electronica in its most sophisticated way, Andrew Bayer's album experiences itself as an ethereal journey beyond this life and as the sounds gloat around audiences feel just the same. With no 4/4 beats, the style of the album is an ebbing and flowing ride from deeper batters to tingles of lightness. Obviously highly personal and intellectualized, the album promotes a new way of looking at sound, at melody and at music as we know it right now. Bayer challenges the listener - like Radiohead has done for decades and will probably continue to do forever. Sounds come at you with gravitas and then disappear into somewhere else - inviting the listener to come searching for something he, or she, may never have hunted for before. Like Alice as she jumps down the rabbit hole, Bayer winks you down.

Like Alice as she jumps down the rabbit hole, Bayer winks you down.

The track "It's going to be fine" soothes with a piano inamorata that cleans off with strokes of frothy bells. Whereas "Need you love" whispers sweet nothings, some secrets and then the voices of truth come forth. But the "Make no sound" track is where Andrew Bayer really shows off his real love for what he does; gentle, intellectual and considerate as a lazy Sunday afternoon could be.

The only way, as it has already been said so aptly, is to revisit and repeat this latest album by Andrew Bayer in different scenarios, as the experience of his music is so unique and so much sincere that way. It somehow captures the zeitgeist: optimistic, bold and unforgiving of the past. The world has changed, frugality and scarcity are no longer the words on the street. A plan B is required and will be attained with dauntless tenacity. Perhaps Andrew Bayer has written the soundtrack of right now; this very instance.

"If It Were You We'd Never Leave"
Andrew Bayer

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


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