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P!nk :: The Truth about Love Tour

by Chris Sosa
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Mar 31, 2013
P!nk :: The Truth about Love Tour

Lacking the artificiality of Britney Spears and pretense of Christina Aguilera, P!nk functioned as the battling divas' punky antidote. A decade later, her contemporaries are struggling to maintain cultural relevance while P!nk dominates the pop landscape to commercial and critical acclaim.

The Truth about Love Tour made its final stop of the first leg on March 28 at TD Garden in Boston. Given its phenomenal success, the tour is relaunching in the US this Fall. In a landscape dominated by theatrics so extreme that artists' humanity is often lost in the mix, P!nk represents a refreshing authenticity.


From the moment P!nk bursts onstage with "Raise Your Glass," the audience is right there with her, because it’s so obvious she’s with them. Not even the myriad of presents thrown on stage throughout the show (all gracefully accepted) manage to interfere with the stunningly choreographed performance.

What makes P!nk so compelling is that she seems to be stellar at everything but possesses the confidence to not show off. The result is exhilarating. Those unfamiliar with her extreme aerial work will be left breathless as she glides through "Try," while fans of her acerbic radio hits may be surprised to discover an emotionally versatile vocalist who can stand toe-to-toe with Beyonce. For any who have forgotten her teen-pop years, she even performs a dynamic dance-heavy medley of early hits.

Perhaps the biggest difference from P!nk’s past tours is the impact motherhood has had on her persona. She beams with pride when talking about her kid, and her new-found joy is infectious. While she still stomps through tracks like "U + Ur Hand" and "Just Like a Pill," the social anarchy is more playful than angry. In tribute to her niece, she even performs a cleaned up version of "Perfect" because she doesn’t feel comfortable with the "fuck"-ridden chorus of the original.


P!nk hasn’t gone soft, though. On the contrary, her themes are arguably more interesting and challenging than ever before. Rather than hiding behind politicized anthems, she lets the audience in on her hopes and fears, driven by the need each person feels to be loved. By time she closes with the beautiful "Glitter in the Air," her maturation as an artist is undeniable.

The packed arena emptied at the show’s end with a sea of energized smiling faces. "The Truth about Love" is everything one could want out of a concert: exciting, emotional, and irrepressibly fun.

The Hives served as opening act for the tour’s first leg. Their set was an odd choice for the demographic, but a solid stage presence and quirky humor made the combination a bit less awkward.

Tickets for P!nk’s "The Truth about Love" returning this Fall are now available on Ticketmaster.


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