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David Tutura: Style, Elegance, Creativity, and Vision

by Tony Reverditto
Thursday Mar 21, 2013

David Tutera is a talented wedding and entertaining expert whose reputation for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is unparalleled, as demonstrated on his hit primetime show "My Fair Wedding: Unveiled"-now in its sixth season on WE TV. Tutera is also the author of seven bestselling books and he is one of the most sincere personalities on television. I truly consider him one of America's sweethearts.

Tutera appeared at the Grove of Anaheim recently, offering a night of expert advice for brides-to-be, party planners and friends. Whether a bride, groom-to-be or just a fan, it provided plenty of entertainment and great advice. He dispensed his wisdom and interviewed local celebrities in an informal, lounge-like setting on three different stages.

Multi-tasking takes many mediums for this multi-talented man; and he took a moment in between to chat with The Rage Monthly:

I love your show. What you do has such a lasting impact on people's lives. What is your favorite part of the process when putting together a wedding?

Spending that last second with a bride at the top of the aisle is a big moment-adjusting her veil and giving her that last-minute reassurance is a special moment that I just love. Revealing the reception space and decor to the couple is another big highlight for me. It's the moment I know I was able to capture their dreams and translate it into a wedding design.

At 19, with only one client, you opened your own event planning business; what was that very first event?

My first full-scale event was a Bar Mitzvah-the client had seen a window display I had done and asked if I could apply the same sort of decor to a room. I thought-why not!?

"My Fair Wedding" is in its sixth season. What is the most outrageous thing that has ever happened at a wedding that you've planned?

The most outrageous? When you have groomsmen threatening to take their clothes off or a bride hiding under the bar-it's a tough call! Thankfully there are so many wonderful couples and so many incredibly touching moments to balance it all out!

Can you tell us about the most elaborate gay wedding that you have designed?

A cool poolside wedding I did in Miami. The over-the-top touches included gifts of personalized unisex colognes for all guests and an extremely elaborate cake from a century-old secret Italian recipe. At one point, the entire group broke into song, which was amazing! As chic as it was though-the best part was that it was just a really lovely and laid-back evening.

Any words of wisdom regarding gay marriage?

I truly believe in love. I think that anyone lucky enough to find true love should be able to make his or her union official and celebrate it with an amazing and personalized wedding.

Your plate is full, but somehow I know we can expect more from you. What else do you have in the works?

I have always believed in dreaming bigger. I think that's what led me from one TV show to a top-rated program, from authoring one book to six and what has taken me from wedding planning for one bride at a time, to designing dresses, shoes, jewels and crafts for every bride-you can check them all out at davidtutera.com.

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