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Funny Gay Iranian, Who Knew :: CC’s ’Up Next’ at the Wilber

by Michael  Cox
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 30, 2013

Comedy Central continues the search for the best new stand-up talent nationwide. Starting with over 300 comics, The Wilbur will now play a critical role in determining the final 8. And competing in this preliminary round is gay, Iranian comic Mehran.

On Oct. 21, comics from all over the country will travel to Boston to perform in one of four Regional shows for 2013 "Up Next Talent Search," hosted by Jonah Ray! Official judges from Comedy Central will choose two comics to move on and perform in the finals - the Comics to Watch show at the New York Comedy Festival in November.

Come cheer the preliminary round performers for Boston: Kyle Ploof, Tom Dustin, Ken Reid, Ray Harrington, Shaun Bedgood, Jenny Z, Mehran, Orlando Baxter, Josh Gondelman, and Danielle Soto. This bill of worthy comics to represent Boston in the preliminary round was a collaborative effort with Comedy Central, The Wilbur and area insiders. Let's see who will make it all the way to New York City!

Fans are happy to see Mehran Khaghani back in action after having reparative surgery on his knee. Popular host of "The Mehran Show" at Mottley's Comedy Club in Faneuil Hall, Mehran charms his audiences with the obscene and absurd.

Born in London to Iranian parents, Mehran grew up in the United Kingdom, Iran, Turkey and the suburbs of Boston. In high school, he co-founded Lexington High School's first GLBT organization, called Bi-GLASS, with two fellow students, Fred Simon, now a New York-based visual artist, and the legendary Amanda Palmer.

He recently headlined and hosted a sold-out show in San Francisco called "No Gays In Iran," and in 2010, a reader survey in the Boston Phoenix named him Boston's best comedian of the year. (Check out his comedy below.)

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, host Jonah Ray went to Los Angeles in 2001 to play and tour in indie rock bands, but later started to focus on writing and performing comedy.

Ray started his TV career as a writer's assistant for "The Andy Milonakis Show," before being fired then immediately being re-hired as a full time writer.

He now hosts a weekly comedy show called "The Meltdown with Kumail Nanjiani," which has been called the best comedy show in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly and has been featured on "Last Call with Carson Daly." He is also one of Chris Hardwick's co-hosts of "The Nerdist Podcast," which is also a show on BBC America.

He recently filmed his half hour special in Boston for Comedy Central's "The Half Hour Series," which aired in May of 2013.

Bill Blumenreich presents:
Comedy Central's "Up Next Talent Search" Regionals
Monday Oct. 21st, 2013 at 8:00pm
The Wilbur is located at 246 Tremont St. in Boston's Historic Theatre District

For more information about the Wilbur and other great events visit: http://www.thewilbur.com


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